2016 Past Events

September 1 – 30, 2016

Arts in the Village Gallery announces the September Featured Artists exhibit Dreams of Trees and Other Living Things, a collaboration by paper collage artist Karen Oliver, and her daughter, ceramicist Amy Oliver.

Karen Oliver’s paper collages are created with an array of cut and torn papers, designed to render an impressionistic image that is captivating up close and from afar.   Oliver enjoys depicting people, nature, landscapes and still life, but she finds herself gravitating towards trees, saying their strength, resilience and grace are the qualities that inspire her the most – elements that she looks for in all her subjects.

Ceramic artist Amy Oliver of Monkeytown Pottery uses colored slip and bare clay to carve and sculpt images on functional and non functional forms. The vibrancy of nature, trees and birds capture her interest. She is heavily influenced by Art History and the early sculptures and pots of ancient Mesopotamia and the energy of Vincent Van Gogh’s landscapes. Amy is also inspired when drawing with her friend Maria Nicklin, by critiques with her mother, and by her family.


August 1-31, 2016

Hot & Cool featuring glass artists Dave & Dale Barnes and abstract painter Kay Layne

Arts in the Village Gallery announces the August Featured Artist exhibit, Hot & Cool, showcasing the red hot dichroic fused glass designs of Dave & Dale Barnes juxtaposed with the cool and reserved acrylic abstracts of painter Kay Layne, for a truly well-balanced exhibit for your summer viewing pleasure.

Glossy vibrant colors flow and interact across the surface of circular, square, and rectangular vessels and plates. Upright sculptural pieces rest in metal frames to create unique spatial focal points. Using a variety of techniques, Dave & Dale Barnes create a colorful array of fused dichroic glass pieces that are alternatively, and sometimes simultaneously, organic and composed.

Kay Layne draws on her architectural and Southwestern roots for the palette and design of her abstract paintings. Through the use of geometric elements on open color fields, along with textured surfaces, Kay’s work speaks to viewers based on their own life experiences and interpretations.


July 1-31, 2016

Dancing through Color . . . featuring fabric sculptor Claire Courpron and mixed media painter Ann Marie Williams

Arts in the Village Gallery announces the July Featured Artists Exhibit Dancing Through Color, a collaborative exhibit of two and three dimensional work by fabric sculptor Claire Courpron and mixed media artist Ann Marie Williams.

Claire Courpron’s statuesque fabric-on-wire sculptures portray women engaged in a myriad of relationships and activities. Claire’s work portrays women’s strength and independence while preserving their femininity through movement and balance. Using predominantly up-cycled materials such as t-shirts and other fabrics infused with pigmented hardner, Claire creates eye-catching, colorful and durable pieces for the home or garden.

The lively mixed media artwork by Ann Marie Williams is the visual equivalent of blues, jazz, gospel and African beats, rich in color and symbolism. Bright tones, asymmetry, varying patterns, improvisations, collage and symbolic forms are used to achieve a piece that evokes an emotional or intellectual response from the viewer. Ann Marie is intentional with the titles of each of her pieces in order to convey her personal, cultural, and experiential message.


June 1-30, 2016

It’s a Beach Thing . . . featuring lamp-work glass artist Julie Bahun and abstract painter Karen Hutchison

Arts in the Village Gallery announces the June Featured Artist exhibit, It’s a Beach Thing . . . , celebrating cool ocean waves and warm powdered sand, this exhibit is sure to get you in the mood for summer fun at the beach. Fun and functional jewelry designs by lamp-work glass artist Julie Bahun are intermingled with abstract paintings of the beach, sea and surrounds by Karen Hutchison in this inspiring early summer show.

New to the Gallery, artist Julie Bahun proffers a selection of vibrant wearable art jewelry, both sculptural pieces as well as those designed using her unique glass beads. Inspired by nature, including the hues of summer as well as the sight of crashing waves along the shore, Julie renders unique pieces that display a balance of color, shape and texture.

Karen Hutchison’s alluring ocean and sky blue tones coupled with textural beach vistas draw the viewer in for a closer look. Karen leverages a range of mixed media techniques and materials to develop her designs which are alternatively structural or flowing, calm or invigorating, soft or dynamic.


May 1-31, 2016

Sea & Sky – an exhibit by copper artist Anne Jordan and mixed media artist Karen Watson

Arts in the Village Gallery announces the May Featured Artists exhibit, Sea & Sky, reminiscent of days unfolding under cloudless skies, sunrise walks, and wind swept dunes. The exhibit features the sculptural copper designs of Anne Jordan, and the richly textured mixed media paintings of Karen Watson, in this illustration of our long-standing and enthralling relationship with the Sea & Sky.

Anne Jordan’s love affair with copper continues to evolve and strengthen with each passing season. Dimensional starfish, sand dollars, and sea horses emerge from flat copper through the use of chasing and repousse techniques. Acid-etching yields interestingly textured backgrounds on repousse pieces, framed in riveted brass. Driftwood bases, rocks, and grape wood complement free-standing sculptures.

Seeking a way to demonstrate her passion of treasure hunting at the sea and in nature, Karen Watson uses a variety of materials and found objects to create dimensional mixed media paintings. Working with acrylic on texturized or collaged surfaces, she builds layers of intrigue and small niches housing items, both common and unique, just waiting to be discovered.


April 1-30, 2016

Harmony: Stories in Structural Pattern and Whimsical Design – an exhibit by jewelry designer Teresa Jardines and paper sculptor Kelly Laurenti

Arts in the Village Gallery announces the April Featured Artists exhibit, Harmony: Stories in Structural Pattern and Whimsical Design, a visual exploration of elaborate designs, both structured and fluid. The exhibit features the fine silver jewelry of Teresa Jardines, and the dimensional paper wall sculptures of Kelly Laurenti.

Inspired by nature, people and every day moments, Teresa Jardines combines organic elements with fantastical industrial steampunk components – exposed mechanics, kinetic parts – to capture a sense of wonder, excitement and adventure that typifies her view of the world. Teresa’s Fine Silver (99.9) jewelry is handcrafted using precious metal clay and a variety of natural gemstones in pendants, bracelets, and earrings.

Driven by her love of architecture, design and geometry, Kelly Laurenti aims for bold designs that demand attention and create an elaborate harmony of pattern and form. Through the use of angular paper elements on canvas, Kelly’s work highlights the relationship between light, shadow, pattern, and repetition to build a sense of time and space — a dynamic and powerful statement.


March 1 – 31, 2016

Classical Avant Garde – an exhibit by jewelry designer Dana Jansen and oil painter Steve Myles

Arts in the Village Gallery announces the March Featured Artists exhibit, Classical Avant Garde, showcasing wire wrapped gem and mineral jewelry by Dana Jansen, and the representational oil paintings of Steve Myles. 

Dana Jansen breathes new life into one of the oldest cold-connection  jewelry-making techniques.  Dating back to Egypt’s 2nd Dynasty period, the use of wire to secure and embellish gems and minerals, is alive and well today.  Dana renders unique and eye-catching pieces in sterling silver, brass and copper wire cradling rich druzy quartz and an array of natural elements, fossils and semi-precious stones.

Oil painter Steve Myles strives to recreate the natural beauty surrounding him in flowing landscapes and quiet still lifes. Often working en plein air as well as in the studio, Steve allows the dynamic color and composition of the natural scene to set the tone. Hoping to spark resonance with his viewers, Steve’s work is at once fresh yet familiar, contemporary yet classical.


February 1 – 29, 2016

Arts in the Village Gallery’s February All-Artist show and Trunk Show

In February, Arts in the Village Gallery presents the all-artists exhibit, Connection, highlighting the concept of relationship or being united in cause. The concept is also a popular one with the celebration of Valentines Day this month, and the Gallery will present a gift and jewelry Trunk Show on the weekend of February 6-7.

Both shows will feature the diverse work of our Gallery artists working in a wide range of media including oil and acrylic painting, photography, jewelry, pottery, fiber, glass, wood, copper and others. The Trunk Show will feature items appropriate for gift-giving, including unique items not typically displayed in the gallery.


January 1 – 31, 2016

Arts in the Village Gallery’s January All-Artist show and Studio Sale Event

In January, Arts in the Village Gallery presents an all-artists exhibit, In with the New, featuring the diverse work of our Gallery artists to celebrate the beginning of 2016.  In conjunction with the show, a first ever Studio Sale at the Gallery is not to be missed, with a wide range of paintings, photography, jewelry, pottery, fiber, glass, wood and copper items at reduced prices.