Aimee Johns


AimeeJohns Headshot150x150Bio:

Aimee has enjoyed a long and rewarding career in healthcare serving for years at the bedside as a nurse along with her current role in nursing leadership in Northern Virginia. Her interest in glass began when she attended her first demonstration in Lorton, Virginia. She continues her intensive study with Paul Swartwood and his assistant Phillip Valencia at Glen Echo Glassworks while also having had the pleasure of study with Claire Kelly at Corning Glass Studio, and Boyd Sugiki at Glen Echo.


Artist Statement:

I once attended a lecture by a glass chemist at Corning who referred to glass as, “the frustrated solid”. Forcing this medium to liquid form at temperatures in excess of 2000 degrees while pushing it to move into a different form is a gratifying experience, but the translucent beauty of the glass itself continues to remain my muse for creativity. Currently my study of form, color and pattern inform the finished product of my work. My first career in nursing has taught me many things about the frailty of life. My second passion, glassblowing, continues to teach me of the parallels of the lines that run deeply between both art and life. Like life, art can be fragile, frustrated, dangerous, and when you hold it up to the light just right, breathtakingly beautiful.