Alex Wisniewski

Alex W Headshot-001

Bio:Alex has lived in the mid-Atlantic area most of his life and has traveled extensively abroad and in the United States to paint the wealth of its historic sights, landmarks, and other varied objects of interest.

Artists Statement:Although experienced in many forms of art including oils and acrylics, I primarily choose pen and ink and watercolor in combination to create my works. I remain fascinated with the challenge of watercolor, which is accented through fine line drawing.

My subjects are often historic architecture. Prime examples of the traditional nature of my work can be seen in renditions of rustic stone mills, old railroad stations and lighthouses. Their classic features are detailed and stylized in the drawing and then brought alive with watercolor. The subject matter can be old town Alexandria, coastal Maine or colonial Williamsburg. What appeals to the eye is the crispness of line married to the warmth of color.