Amy Oliver



Amy is owner and potter of Monkeytown Pottery where she makes all of her work as well as teach pottery classes. She has been a potter for 20 years discovering ceramics while getting her art degree at James Madison. She apprenticed potter Scott Supraner during and after college. She also worked at a civic center in Georgia as a labtime helper and was a teacher and the pottery studio manager at Round Hill Arts Center. Amy’s first art teacher was her mother Karen Oliver, her first lesson to draw a cup, how appropriate!

Artist Statement:

I take the thrown form and stretch it as far as it will go, exploring all the shapes that can be made on the wheel. When its off the wheel its story doesn’t end, I love to sculpt, texturize, and carve the form. Sometimes the story of the pot is simple, maybe its a functional tale, and sometimes its a complicated tale shown in the sculpted and carved pieces like “it takes a forrest” which depicts a mother teaching a child to plant trees for the next generations.

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