Anne Jordan


Artist Statement:

My passion for copper originated 5 years ago when a neighbor gave me a few scraps of copper her kids found.  I took a coppersmithing class to figure out how to use it, and have been hooked ever since. I make decorative and functional hammered copper art… trays, bowls, mirrors, wall art, outdoor garden art and fountains.  I usually combine hammering and forming with chasing and repousse (creating designs in relief by hammering on front and back), and frequently use brazing techniques to join sculptural pieces together.   My pieces are all one of a kind. Even if I use the same pattern, each piece is unique due to the nature of hammering and forming. I don’t use molds.

I am inspired by nature, textures, and by experimenting with the various properties of copper.  I study flowers and leaves to create realistic representations in copper. Unusual textures are fun to create by hammering copper on the concrete sidewalk, using a hatchet, a rusted old railroad rail or other non-conventional items.  The colors achieved with chemicals and torching copper are almost endless.

My projects often begin with only a general idea of what a finished project will look like; they evolve as I go. I love the flexibility of working with copper and frequently pick up a piece that has been around for a while and add new embellishments, texture, recolor it, or reshape it.

Contact Information:


Phone:  (703) 268-8129