Carol Clay-Ward



C. Clay-Ward refers to herself as an eclectic and versatile artist.  Her paintings range from abstract to realism reminiscent of the 15th century Dutch Masters. The abstracts are inspired by the patterns and textures of stone; landscapes depict rural vistas; animals derive from what she observes around her and still lifes are comprised of every day items and antiques.

Having the name “Clay”, it is natural that she also works in that medium.  Her shapes are classical in form. She loves Raku as she says, “Where else can you make mud pies and then be a pyromaniac?” Her “Cave Pots” are a synthesis of her fascination of antiquities, fossils she collects at Calvert Cliffs, MD and horse-hair from her horses.

Born and raised in rural Pennsylvania Dutch country, a heritage of German and American Indian combine to create an interest in anthropology, paleontology, history, animals, wildlife, and the environment.  This translates into a love that can be seen in the artist’s work, with any of the materials or mediums used.

Graduate of Kutztown University and Philadelphia College of Art in PA. Studied with Maggie Siner, John Leone, Kurt Schwarz, Joyce Michaud, Xiaosheng Bi and Rick Berman.  She is a member of the Loudoun Arts Council, Loudoun Sketch Club, participates in WLAST (Western Loudoun Artists Studio Tour) and CHAT (Catoctin Holiday Artist Tour).

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Phone: (540)822-5092