Gail Péan

Gail-PeanArtist Statement:

Oil painting is therapeutic and a joyful act of creation and expression to me. Sharing my vision of the unusual and natural beauty inspired by my local and international travels creates a sense of permanence and recreates my journeys through artful expression. I am inspired to record them in the textural, vibrant and lush medium of oil.

The actual process and result of painting is magical to me. The physical act of brushwork and palette knife movement is engaging to my brain and relaxing as I lose track of time. Mixing colors and creating textures draws me into an act similar to singing or playing an instrument. It is difficult to stop until I am satisfied.

My style is unique in that it incorporates palette knives and impasto painting, bold primary and complimentary colors and traditional painting techniques. My art strives to bring life to the excitement of being there as a witness to nature in its glory and/or history. Landscape and art merge symbiotically in my paintings.

Portraits and special commissions are welcome. Gail also teaches oil painting to children and adults.

Contact Information:



Telephone: 703-609-3092