James Norman


Artist Statement:
Photography provides me a passport to adventures in our remaining wilderness areas, grants me opportunities to see moments of surpassing beauty and sometimes drama, helps me be mindful of natural processes and events that we too often pass by, unaware and distracted, and gives me a means of sharing the joy I feel when I encounter the amazing diversity of life just beyond our urban doorsteps.

My work in the AITV Gallery falls within two categories, wildlife and impressionistic landscapes.  My wildlife photos reflect a documentary approach, with each image capturing some aspect of wildlife behavior as accurately as possible, with only minimal processing — rarely more than simply cropping and sharpening of the image.  My impressionistic landscapes require an entirely different, unconstrained approach. Most of my impressionistic work merges several shots.  Typically, 10 shots are used to create a final image, with each shot taken from a different vantage point — there may be as little as a few inches separating each constituent image, or as much as several hundred feet.  This can result in an image that is soft overall, with colors merging into a pastel appearance, but with a good amount of detail possible in selected areas.  The merging of multiple vantages often results in a decidedly three-dimensional look.  I process each image to mask the technique, eliminate extraneous artifacts, and to highlight any areas where I want to focus the viewer’s attention.  When I feel it helps, I selectively modify colors to better express the mood I want to convey.

I am a member of the North American Nature Photography Association, the Alaska Society of Outdoor and Nature Photographers, as well as the Northern Virginia Photographic Society and the Loudoun Photo Club.

Contact Information:

Website: www.jamesnorman.com