Karen Watson


Artist Statement:

I am drawn to create.  I love the process as much as the outcome.  My work strives to evoke feeling or offer an environment which is enticing, reflective, or familiar.  One that you are drawn to interact with, as with an old friend or a new journey.

I am often inspired by the textures and colors of the natural world – – the ridged bark of a tree or the rapidly changing colors of the sky at sunset.

The materials of art making are inspirational in and of themselves.  Like the changing color of the sky, the paint or ink mixes to create complex and often unexpected results.  Layers of paper, texture, and color create a sense of mystery and of time passing:  what is underneath?  what happened earlier?  how did it impact the piece?  Much like the influences on a person’s life make her who she is today.

I believe my work has a balanced quality that may provide a respite from the chaotic world we often experience.  My use of texture, pattern, and color to engage the viewer to create even a moment of recognition or joy, when the mind may experience a shift in perspective, is what I believe to be the nature of my art.  I hope you enjoy it.

Contact Information:

Website: infusionarts.com

Email: karen@infusionarts.com

Telephone: 703-999-1742