Kelly Laurienti


Artist Statement:

I create 3-dimensional wall sculpture from paper in geometric patterns. My work highlights the relationship between light, shadow, pattern and repetition and the incredible diversity of the medium.

My work is driven by my love of architecture, design and geometry. I love to explore the relationship between balance, structure, and geometric rhythm and pattern. I aim for bold designs that demand attention and create an elaborate harmony of pattern, symmetry and form. I especially enjoy the strength of black and white and the power of negative space.   I love working with paper, the flexibility in terms of shape and properties is amazing. The dimensional quality of each piece emerges as light and shadow play along the peaks and valleys of the form.

The patterns and variability in geometry create infinite possibilities, so I often start with a grid as a framework to organize my ideas visually.   I identify repeating patterns and create a two dimensional design. I work very instinctively, one piece leads to the next, I try not to pin down what I am doing or even why. I transform the two-dimensional drawing into three-dimensional forms with 3-D software. I then cut, score, fold, and glue each piece by hand and assemble them like a puzzle. It’s a time intensive process but I find it very rewarding and therapeutic.

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