Laura Hopkins


Bio: Laura Hopkins is an American landscape oil painter. Her atmospheric paintings evoke the mood and enduring beauty of quiet rural scenes.

Her work is strongly influenced by the work of the American Tonalists, whose moody landscapes employed subtle color harmonies and an intimate focus to suggest the poetic beauty of the farmland and marshes of coastal New England.

Hopkins is largely self-taught. She spent much of 2016 studying with contemporary Tonalist Deborah Paris. She currently studies with internationally renowned contemporary Tonalist Dennis Sheehan, in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Hopkins is a member of the Loudoun Sketch Club, the Artists in Middleburg Gallery, and the Lyme Art Association in Old Lyme, CT.

 Artist’s Statement: I am drawn to the soft light of twilight and dawn, to cloudy and overcast days, and especially the seasons of fall and winter. I love the mystery of foggy days and misty mornings.

My paintings vary from close observed depictions of a particular place to mysterious and poetic landscapes that exist only in my heart. I paint intuitively and expressively, and I am open to those “happy accidents” that happen by chance when an errant brush stroke or failed experiment leads a painting down a whole new path.

Instagram: Laurahopkinsfineart
Phone: 813.283.8184