Marilyn Harrington

Harrington head shot-1

Bio: Marilyn Harrington is a fiber artist with more than 30 years of experience in making colorful and textured clothing, accessories and wall art. Marilyn believes creativity is about learning through exploration with one idea leading to another and another and another. Her interests span the entire fiber realm from weaving and knitting to quilting and dyeing. She loves to try new things and to share what she knows with others.

She uses a multi-shaft computer controlled loom that allows her to create intricate woven designs impossible on simpler looms. This has led her to explore the differences and similarities of design when threading pattern lines are parallel, intersect or alternate between parallel and intersecting lines.

She constantly pushes her understanding of fiber and how it can be created, colored, and used.   The uncertainty engendered in using three layers of interwoven color in triaxial weaving provides exciting opportunities for creativity. She dyes silk scarves as relaxation and practice for her other color works.

Artist Statement: My work is about color, creating it, mixing it, spreading it around both in a controlled and uncontrolled fashion. In my weaving, I must control the color during the design process because I can’t change a warp color once I’ve put it on the loom. In my dyeing, I use color in a spontaneous and exploratory fashion to see what happens because I can always change it by putting another color on top. I want to make things that people can wrap around themselves and feel special.

Contact info:
Tel: 703-777-8686