Previous Artists

David & Dale Barnes: Glass, Jewelry

Harriet Caffey Maloney:  Wood art. Artistic & utilitarian wood turnings with local & exotic wood

Evelyn Lopez de Guzman:  Vibrant Colored Abstract Paintings

Susan Trask: Fiber artist

Marcia Klioze: Portrait and figurative paintings

Leanne Fink: Painting

Rebeca Roman: Abstract Paintings

Holly Kable: Decorative fibre vessels

Wendy Schobert: Painting watercolor

Steven Shiraishi: clay pottery

Kate Williams: painting watercolor and pastels.

Alice Mullen: Painting, Mixed Media

Mel Croft: Pottery

Amy Dyckovsky: Photographer

Claire Nykolyszyn: Lampworking

Claire Cochran: Oil Paintings

George Thomas: Fine wood furniture

Jim Haller: Drawing, Painting

Ken Sullins: Photographer

Rick Rosenzweig: Photographer

Robert Friedenberg: Pen and Ink Drawing

Sandra Iafrate: Painting

Donna Turgeon: Painting

Leslie Anthony: Painting