Steve Myles

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Steve first started painting as a senior in college (1971), but took an extended hiatus from painting while he and his wife, Sandy, raised a family and he pursued a career in industry.  In 2008, he retired from a 37 ½ year career with ExxonMobil and is now pursuing his art on a full time basis.  Steve likes this “right brain” journey for the second half of his life after a “left brain” career in industry.

Artist’s Statement:

An artist must possess an awareness to see objects in detail, in relationship to one another, and in the abstract.  Seeing deeply is my first goal in painting.

Reproducing and capturing the essence of what I see by faithfully capturing the interplay of light, color and perspective is my second goal.  I typically choose subjects with interesting lighting or inviting perspectives.

The effect of the combination and juxtaposition of colors and shapes establishes an overall mood or feeling.  I try to paint the feeling I get when I am immersed in a scene.  My hope as an artist is that when someone views my work, it evokes an emotion, a memory, or a connection to something personal for them.  If their feeling happens to be what I intended to convey, then we will have shared an experience.

My current journey is to find a balance between detailed realism and bold impressionism. To accurately render an object with an optimum number of brush strokes is my goal in landscape, still life and portraiture.

All of my works can be seen at my website.  I am also available for works on commission.

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