Past Events

December 1 – 31, 2015

Good Cheer – an exhibit by the artists of Arts in the Village Gallery

In December, Arts in the Village Gallery presents an All Artists exhibit, Good Cheer, a showcase of artwork inspired by the sentiment of the season.  Enjoy each artist’s interpretation of the theme, along with an expanded selection small works suitable for gift giving including unique holiday decor pieces and ornaments, along with many of our favorites in scarves and jewelry.



November 1-30, 2015

Abstract Art: Mind over Object – an exhibit by glass artists David & Dale Barnes and abstract painter Karen Hutchison

In November, Arts in the Village Gallery announces the Featured Artists exhibit, Abstract Art: Mind over Object, presenting the fused art glass designs of David & Dale Barnes , along with the contemporary abstract paintings of Karen Hutchison.

David & Dale Barnes  design and bring to life a wide range of kiln-formed fused and cast art glass work. Inspired by organic shapes along with architectural elements, the Barnes create pieces ranging from dramatic, dimensional sculptures, to functional platters, serving trays and bowls, to colorful pendants and earrings. A variety of techniques are used, often within one piece, to create intriguing layers of light, transparency, and texture.

Abstract painter Karen Hutchison looks within to render unique and engaging designs that arise from her own thoughts, emotions, and experiences.   Working in acrylic paint and mediums, Karen is able to create a diversity of styles in her work from soft dreamy color studies to dynamic textured pieces that have a structural feel — occasionally in neutral palettes, often in a selection of compelling hues, and always engaging.



October 1-31, 2015

Illuminate: an exhibit by fiber artist Susan Trask and mixed media artist Karen Watson

Arts in the Village Gallery presents Illuminate, the October Featured Artist Exhibit showcasing the shimmering felted designs of Susan Trask and the vibrant mixed media paintings of Karen Watson. As the seasons change and days grow shorter, the colors and textures of autumn Illuminate the Gallery in this unique show.

Susan Trask’s fall collection includes luminous additions to her felted fiber blends. Bamboo, silk, and metallic sparkles enhance vivid colors and abstract designs. Many of these one-of-a-kind creations start with iridescent silk fabric as the base. Large rectangular wraps, extra-long scarves, and reversible triangular shapes are some of the exciting features of this season that illuminate the wardrobe.

Karen Watson creates textured and richly colored canvases using acrylic paint, collaged papers and often times three dimensional found objects to provoke a sense of time, space and memory.   This month’s exhibit derives from the distinctive air and colors of autumn, as well as elemental minerals and crystals that are lit from within to add a unique and contemplative atmosphere to a room or personal space.



September 1-30, 2015

A Natural Flair: an exhibit by copper artist Anne Jordan and watercolor painter Wendy Schobert

In September, Arts in the Village Gallery presents A Natural Flair, a Featured Artist Exhibit presenting the hand-formed copper work of Anne Jordan and the luminous watercolor paintings of Wendy Schobert. This unique exhibit takes on a life of it’s own with — A Natural Flair.

Time seems to stand still for Anne Jordan as she explores copper, fabricating sculptures, fountains, garden ornaments, bowls, and trays. Copper is at once hard yet malleable, rigid yet fluid, and mysterious. Anne begins with an idea, but the copper makes demands, resists, and reveals new paths as she interacts with it. Inviting and functional, Anne’s copper pieces draw you in, last forever, and improve with age and use.

“As a former microbiologist, my eyes have been trained to observe details, patterns, and differences . . . ,” says Wendy Schobert in regard to her paintings. Close-up views of flora and fauna are Wendy’s speciality. Contrasting brilliantly sunlit surfaces with cool shadows, a wide range of birds, insects, flowers and animals unfold in Wendy’s paintings. “Watercolor enhances my experience of the natural world.”



August 1 – 31, 2015, 10 am -9 pm Mon – Sat., noon – 6 pm Sun.

Persons of Interest: an exhibit by sculptor Claire Courpron and oil painter Marcia Klioze

In August, Arts in the Village Gallery presents Persons of Interest, a Featured Artist Exhibit showcasing the feminine sculptures of Claire Courpron and the figurative and portrait paintings of Marcia Klioze in this collaboration showcasing the strength and style of Persons of Interest.

Claire Courpron renders elegant sculptures of women using repurposed cloth materials over wire armatures. Discarded t-shirts are hand-dyed, becoming the metallic-toned figures along with their richly colored garments. In a seemingly unending variety of themes reflective of their many strengths and versatility, from dancers to archers to mothers, women are lovingly portrayed and honored by Claire’s work.

“My strength and my passion have always been in my ability to capture a person’s likeness, as well as their personality, or essence,” says Marcia Klioze in regard to her oil paintings. Marcia works in a representational style, allowing the brush strokes and color palette to play a major role in each piece. Marcia is fascinated by the human condition, and strives to go beyond the physical to discover what makes each person tick.



July 1 – 31, 2015

Brown is the New Black: an exhibit by wood-turner Harriet Maloney and photographer J Riley Stewart

In July, Arts in the Village Gallery presents Brown is the New Black, a Featured Artist Exhibit inspired by the uniquely elegant work of two of Loudoun County’s prolific artist residents. From the richly textured vessels of wood-turner Harriet Maloney, to the dramatic fine art photography of J Riley Stewart, this is a collaboration showcasing nature at her finest.

The natural beauty of the wood is enhanced and refined under Harriet Maloney‘s careful hand. Working side-by-side with her husband, Harriet’s exquisite pieces include bowls, vases, medallions, ornaments, and functional items rendered from a selection of exotic and domestic wood. These simple yet luxurious natural objects convey a lasting impression of the earth’s beauty.

Dramatic warm-toned black and white images of aging structures intermingle with colorful vistas filled with light and a sense of nostalgia — this begins to describe J Riley Stewart‘s sophisticated photographic works. Using silver-grained film and traditional techniques, J Riley captures picturesque natural settings and architecture, rendered on a grand scale and hand varnished and framed to create classic heirloom pieces.


June 1 – 30, 2015

Summer Expressions

In June, Arts in the Village Gallery presents Summer Expressions, a Featured Artist Exhibit showcasing the bold and energizing abstract paintings of Rebeca Roman juxtaposed with the richly muted shades of Steven Shiraishi‘s functional, nature-inspired pottery.

Rebeca Roman uses vivid color and free-flowing shapes and lines in her dynamic paintings. Working spontaneously and using a variety of methods of moving the paint, Rebeca seeks to convey a variety of emotions and concepts in her art. Contrasting colors mix together in fascinating patterns and designs, while quiet areas provide a hiatus before pushing the viewer on to continue this lively voyage.

Inspired by natural and human forms, potter Steven Shiraishi creates a fine selection of functional pottery for cooking, drinking and serving. Using white stoneware clay and colored slips, Steven throws a selection of bowls, mugs, vases, and other vessels that convey a sense of purpose and strength. Interesting color combinations of navy and matte gray contrast with muted green and rose tones to present a diverse and appealing collection.



May 1-31, 2015

Sticks and Stones: an exhibit by jewelry artist Dana Jansen and abstract painter Kay Layne

In May, Arts in the Village Gallery presents Sticks and Stones, a Featured Artist Exhibit showcasing the wire-wrapped jewelry designs of Dana Jansen, along with the architectural and liner abstract works of painter Kay Layne.

A wide selection semi-precious stones, minerals and fossils are intricately framed and secured by Dana Jansen’s elaborate wire wrapping techniques. Curvilinear and and geometric designs in sterling silver, brass or copper wire supplement the natural beauty of druzy quartz, ammonite fossils, and a wide array of other richly colored and textured natural elements.

Kay Layne uses contrasting and harmonious colors with geometric shapes in her dramatic acrylic paintings. Strong colors in either earth tones or sharp arresting colors in opposition to each other are imposed over flat or textured surfaces that reflect the hard environment of the Southwest. Kay’s planar paintings speak, but leave the interpretation to the viewer.



April 1-30, 2015

Experimentation: an exhibit by ceramicist Melinda Croft and painter Alice Mullen

How do artists stay inspired? Think outside the box to create something unique? Join us as Arts in the Village Gallery presents Experimentation, a Featured Artist Exhibit by ceramicist Melinda Croft and artist Alice Mullen as they share some of their recent work and explain how they find new ways to express themselves.

With the Gallery since it’s inception in 2012, Melinda Croft has exhibited diverse ceramic items from bowls to pendants, and tiny decorative chairs. She’s continuing to mix things up with new shapes of bowls and other items. Influenced by turn of the century pottery studios, Mel’s pottery echoes organic shapes and forms found in nature.

Also a founding member of the Gallery, artist Alice Mullen works primarily in oils. Her paintings at the gallery have explored a broad spectrum of subject matter and moods. This month her more eclectic creations will be on display. Inspired by the work of her peers, she’s used a variety of media to pursue her interest in pattern, dimension and layers.



April 19, 2015 Sunday 1 – 4 pm

“Of the Earth” Gallery Open House

Join the gallery artists in this Open House event celebrating Earth Day through art.  View artists demonstrating how they make their work, and enjoy the various artistic creations made by the gallery artists to celebrate Nature.  Gallery visitors will find a wide variety artwork featuring natural subject matter, art pieces created from natural materials, as well as works made from recycled materials and found objects.



March 1-31, 2015

Cutting Edge: an exhibit of digital art by Susan Breen and fine wood-working by George Thomas

In March, Arts in the Village Gallery presents Cutting Edge, a Featured Artist Exhibit showcasing Susan Breen’s digital art, one of the newer artistic mediums striving for acceptance into the fine arts community, along with the Arts and Crafts-style furniture by George Thomas, whose work by nature is — on the “Cutting Edge.”

Is it a photograph? Is it a painting? Actually, it’s the best of both. Artist Susan Breen creates striking digital paintings by supplementing her original photographs with meticulously placed brush strokes using non-traditional artistic tools — a computer, tablet, stylus and software. Ranging in style from painterly to impressionistic, Susan captures a variety of inspired local and international subjects.

Inspired by the goal of creating something functional as well as beautiful keeps fine wood-worker George Thomas at the top of his game. Using a variety of domestic and exotic woods, George designs and builds tables, cabinets, bookshelves, and beds usually in the Arts and Crafts or Mission style. He is particularly fond of cherry and mahogany, with ebony accents to create contrast and interest.



February 2-28, 2015

Romancing Nature: an exhibit of fine art photography by Mary Louise Ravese and paintings by Kate Williams

In February, Arts in the Village Gallery presents Romancing Nature, a Featured Artist Exhibit inspired by the beauty of nature.  From the Tuscan countryside and rolling hills of Napa Valley, California to expansive soft-colored skies and intimate florae, the photographs of Mary Louise Ravese paired with paintings of Kate Williams, stage a captivating and romanticized view of nature.

Mary Louise Ravese’s photographs draw us in encouraging daydreams of strolls down idyllic country lanes. Views of sun light glinting through the organic shapes of tree canopies, the intimate landscape found in butterfly wing markings, and rambling roses climbing old stone walls are just some of the natural elements that she handles in a painterly yet precise manner to magnify the visual experience.

Working in a variety of painting media, including oils, watercolor, pastels and colored pencil, Kate Williams’ vibrant and impressionistic works capture the true essence of the subject.  Bursting tulips, elegantly curved lilies, and wide open pastel-colored skies are subjects with which the viewer can feel an immediate connection.  Kate’s use of color, line and texture create a welcoming organic tableau.



February 7, 2015

Jewelry Trunk Show at Arts in the Village Gallery

Arts in the Village Gallery welcomes you to a one-day Jewelry Trunk Show Event on Saturday, February 7th, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Meet our Gallery’s jewelry artists, and select a hand-made original piece of art for that special someone.

The Gallery will showcase an expanded selection of jewelry for this event in a wide-range of techniques, including:

  • wire wrapped semi-precious stones, minerals and fossil pendants and earrings
  • lampwork glass earrings, bracelets and pendants
  • hammered copper bracelets
  • dichroic fused-glass earrings and pendants
  • turned wood medallion pendants and bracelets
  • raku and ceramic pendants
  • miniature oil painting pins

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, stop by to browse our selections, and have a glass of wine and light fare. In addition, the winners of January’s Silent Auction “Come in From the Cold” to benefit the Humane Society of Loudoun County will be announced at 3 p.m.



January 1 – 31, 2015

Arts in the Village Gallery’s January All-Artist show and Silent Auction Event

In January, Arts in the Village Gallery presents an all-artists exhibit, The Winter Palette, featuring bright and vivid colors popping from backgrounds of wintery neutrals and gray.  From a snowy hunt scene pierced by the red jackets of the horsemen to a bright floral bouquet on a tabletop, color enlivens winter days by extending a welcoming invitation, and our visitors will be warmed by the bright offerings of our gallery painters, photographers, potters, fiber, glass, wood and copper artists and more.

Also in January, visitors may participate in a silent auction — Come in from the Cold — to benefit the Humane Society of Loudoun County.  Gallery artists have contributed artwork for bidding throughout January, and bidders are welcome to bid as often as they’d like through January 31st.  Auction winners will be announced at the Gallery’s February reception on Saturday, February 7th.  Images and information about auctioned works will be posted on the Humane Society of Loudoun County and Arts in the Village Facebook pages throughout January.



December 1 – 31, 2014

Silvery Winter – an exhibit by the artists of Arts in the Village Gallery

In December, Arts in the Village Gallery presents an all-artists exhibit, Silvery Winter, a showcase of artwork inspired by frosty winter mornings and moonlight across crystalline landscapes. Silvery Winter showcases each artist’s take on this theme and yields a unique collection to kick off the winter season.

Join the artists of Arts in the Village Gallery for our holiday show and reception on December 6th in collaboration with the Loudoun Arts Council’s Holiday Mixer. It’s a two for one event with members of the Loudoun Arts Council on hand to share information about new arts-related programs, and a special membership offer.

Arts in the Village Gallery artists, who work in a range of media including oil and acrylic paint, photography, ink, collage, ceramics, wood, copper, glass, fiber and jewelry, will also be available to discuss their work, socialize, and raise a glass of cheer for the holidays.


November 1 – 30, 2014

Into the Light — an exhibit by glass jewelry artist Claire Nykolyszyn and contemporary oil painter Dana Thompson

In November, Arts in the Village Gallery presents Into the Light, a Featured Artist Exhibit showcasing lampworked beads in jewelry designs by Claire Nykolyszyn, and painter Dana Thompson’s contemporary still lifes and landscapes, as both artists demonstrate how light  inspires their work in this one-of-a-kind show.

A spectrum of colors is reflected in Claire Nykolyszyn’s torch melted glass work.  Beads range in size and take many forms including round, square, bicone, tabular and lentil.  Interesting surface work, including the addition of cubic zirconias, adds to the appeal of these creations, which are offered in bracelets, pendants, earrings and focal beads.  The depth of color and textures within the beads produces a stunning light show.

Eclectic collections of vintage items commingle with vegetables or flowers, household goods, even Hostess cupcakes, to form pleasing, and sometimes unlikely relationships.  Dana Thompson’s use of clear vibrant color and interesting arrangements demonstrate her talent for capturing and using light to render stunning compositions in both still lifes and dramatic landscapes.



Oct 1 – 31, 2014

Sinuous Synthesis – a solo exhibit by painter and ceramicist Carol-Clay-Ward

Arts in the Village Gallery presents Sinuous Synthesis, a solo Featured Artist Exhibit by Carol Clay-Ward, in a show that demonstrates Carol’s love of nature and her wide range of artistic talent. See some of Carol’s never before exhibited oil paintings, as well as new work in oil and clay, in this fascinating show exploring the artist’s two and three dimensional interpretations of natural elements. From rich earthy color palettes to the flowing lines of rock striations, join us for Sinuous Synthesis, in the Gallery in October.

Carol Clay-Ward’s paintings range from formal still-lifes and flowing landscapes, to modern abstracts and whimsical small pieces. Working in oil on canvas, Carol’s paintings are diverse, demonstrating a variety of styles and subject matter.

An avid passion for paleontology, anthropology and animals is evident in Carol’s artisinal clay pieces. Her unique horse-hair raku Cave Pots depict scenes reminiscent of cave drawings.   Colorful and metallic raku vases and bowls are interspersed with functional bowls, mugs and plates to round out a truly inspiring potpourri of ceramic art.



Sept 1 – 30, 2014

Worldly Inspirations — an exhibit by jewelry artist Dana Jansen and photographer Mary Louise Ravese

In September, Arts in the Village Gallery presents Worldly Inspirations, a Featured Artist Exhibit showcasing intricately wrapped stone pendants and earrings by jewelry artist Dana Jansen, and evocative images captured by photographer Mary Louise Ravese, in a show that draws on inspiration, materials, and imagery from across the globe.

Dana Jansen’s use of intricate wire wrapping techniques encase and frame Brazilian agates, druzy quartz and an array of minerals and fossils found across the world. Working mostly in sterling silver wire and occasionally copper, Dana’s labyrinthine designs supplement the stone’s natural beauty to create pieces that stand on their own as objects of fine art.

Mary Louise Ravese captures images that transport viewers to diverse destinations from around the block, to around the country, and around the globe. Inspired by a wide array of subject matter, Mary Louise’s work resonates with striking color, texture and line. Her photographs of country landscapes, intriguing architectural details and unusual abstract compositions draw the eye and allow the mind to vicariously experience her view of the world.



August 1 – 31, 2014

Ripped Paper, Burnt Clay — an exhibit by mother-daughter artists including ceramicist Amy Oliver and collage artist Karen Oliver

During August, Arts in the Village Gallery presents Ripped Paper, Burnt Clay, a Featured Artist Exhibit by ceramicist Amy Oliver, and her mother, collage artist Karen Oliver, in a show reflecting this pair’s love of getting their hands dirty creating art that reflects the beauty of the world around them.

Inspired by the energy of life that surrounds her, Amy Oliver uses porcelain and stoneware clay to throw pots that reflect her love of nature and connection with others. Pots are then dipped, carved, painted and sculpted to create an array of one-of-a kind vessels, platters, and vases, rendered in unique shapes and colorful earthy tones.

Karen Oliver’s impressionistic paper collages, often initially inspired by her personal photographs and sketches, and are built up using hand-torn pieces of colorful and textural paper. Influenced by the masters, Cezanne, Degas, Van Gogh and others, Karen’s work often includes landscapes and figures in natural poses and settings.



July 1 – 31, 2014

With the Grain — an exhibit by wood turner Harriet Maloney and photographer J Riley Stewart

Join Arts in the Village Gallery in July for With the Grain, a Featured Artist Exhibit by wood turner Harriet Maloney and photographer J Riley Stewart in an event that combines the striking line and character of finely worked wooden objects with the nostalgic and timeless imagery of the rural landscapes and historic architecture of Western Loudoun County and the Virginia Piedmont.

Harriet Maloney uses a wide range of wood, both local and exotic, in her creation of finely detailed bowls, boxes, vases, medallions and a variety of other art and functional pieces.  Inspired by the nature of the wood itself, she draws on the unique characteristics of each piece to help guide the ultimate outcome that conveys a sense of warmth and familiarity.

Featuring rural landscapes and the architectural remnants of Virginia’s not-so-distant past, J Riley Stewart’s large yet intimate photographs place the viewer back in time where we don’t mind staying for a while.   Picturesque barns, mills, abandoned places and other locales come alive in the light and shadows captured in these beautifully finished portraits.



June 1 – 30, 2014

Imperfect Vessels — an exhibit by coppersmith Anne Jordan and pen and ink artist Jim Haller

In June, Arts in the Village Gallery presents Imperfect Vessels, a Featured Artist Exhibit of striking hand-formed pieces by copper artist Anne Jordan, and the complex pen and ink drawings of Jim Haller, in a collaboration that explores the form, function and restrictiveness of Imperfect Vessels.

Anne Jordan uses a variety of techniques to develop her unique pieces that range from functional bowls and trays to dramatic wall and garden art, fountains and sculpture.  Nature inspired details, and Anne’s use of unconventional tools to create textural surfaces, delight the senses.  With an air of exploration, in this exhibit Anne presents a collection of imperfect and random vessel art objects.

Drawing on difficult feelings, pen and ink artist Jim Haller’s art is a catharsis that generates provocative pieces that intrigue and resonate.  His sense of feeling restricted by certain situations (or vessels) is portrayed through the creation of vignettes of incompatible old or discarded items which he then recreates in intricate hand stippled pieces, stained in muted sepia tones that convey a sense of conflict, loss, or confinement.


May 1 – 31, 2014

At the Water — an exhibit by mixed media artist Karen Watson

In May, Arts in the Village Gallery presents At the Water, a Featured Artist Exhibit by mixed media artist Karen Watson who shares her collection of acrylic and mixed media pieces that seek to convey the essence and mood of various water-related settings.

The ocean, the beach, boardwalk, lake house, dock, river, – – all places where water provides the back drop for some of our most treasured experiences.  Karen Watson offers an eclectic mix of acrylic paintings, textured and collaged mixed media canvases, and panels featuring found object niches, designed to trigger memories and feelings from those times spent in At the Water.

“I love to use color and texture in my art to help create an environment that matches my feelings related to a particular place or memory.  Then, with the addition of dimensional found objects, shapes or numbers, the piece is embellished in an unexpected way, adding a layer of complexity that is interpreted differently by each person.”



April 30, 2014

Decorating with Art, an event for Design Professionals

Please join us for Arts in the Village Gallery’s exclusive event for area interior designers, decorators, stagers, and art consultants.  You will spend an informative afternoon learning and networking with art experts and design industry professionals as well as hearing our talks and demonstrations. You will discover how you can work with original artwork to make your next project dynamic and unique.



April 1 – 30, 2014  

Living Colors — an exhibit by accomplished painters Evelyn Lopez de Guzman and Sandra Iafrate

In April, Arts in the Village Gallery presents Living Colors, a Featured Artist Exhibit by two accomplished painters Evelyn Lopez de Guzman and Sandra Iafrate

Evelyn Lopez de Guzman’s vibrant paintings awaken the viewer to connect with nature and the modern world through an interplay of shape, color, and textural materials.

Sandra Iafrate’s combination of realistic and surrealist interpretation of flowers, foliage and landscapes on spacious canvases convey a sense of movement and playfulness.


March 1 – 31, 2014  

The Art of Pairing: Abstract Painting & Sculpture, showcasing dramatic sculptures by Claire Courpron and abstract paintings by Karen Hutchison.

Claire Courpron creates statuesque monochromatic or limited-palette sculptures of beautifully posed female forms and thoughtful still life compositions.

Karen Hutchison’s love of designing with color, paper and other materials, renders abstract pieces that are alternately, and often simultaneously, stimulating and soothing.

Courpron-Hutchison webtile


February 2 – 28, 2014  

Opposites Attract – an exhibit by pen and ink artist Bob Friedenberg and abstract painter Kay Layne

Arts in the Village Gallery presents Opposites Attract, the February Featured Artsists Exhibit, showcasing pen and ink drawings by Bob Friedenberg and abstract paintings by Kay Layne.

Bob Friedenberg’s ink drawings range from jungle scenes to space travel — detailed imaginative worlds, where shapes are filled with symbols, words and equations.

Kay Layne’s warm toned abstract paintings reflect open spaces and geometric elements; richly textured color field works that encourage the viewer’s interpretation.



January 5 – 31, 2014  

Black and White – this month’s featured artists’ exhibit by ceramicist Melinda Croft and photographer Ken Sullins

Bold graphic lines and a lively start for the New Year!  Join us at Arts in the Village Gallery in January for a striking porcelain collection by Melinda Croft, and dynamic pen-and-ink style imagery of photographer Ken Sullins, as they offer a fresh visual and tactile perspective to ring in 2014.

With the new year often comes returning to regular work schedules, and ceramicist Melinda Croft invites you to use art in the office from her new collection.  Be inspired by organically shaped vessels, containers and trays with matte black and white finish.  Influenced by turn of the century potters and Asian art and philosophies, Melinda’s pieces work anywhere, and are functional to boot.

Fresh white backgrounds and black pen-and-ink style images from photographer Ken Sullins help transition you into the new year with a clean slate.  The simplicity of the designs allow the viewer’s own eye to add meaning or personalization to each piece.  Ken’s body of work depicting natural environments, birds and animals are simultaneously abstract and familiar.



Live Music at the Gallery – Weekends in December

Saturday, December 28, 2013 from 4:00 – 6:00 pm Arts In The Village Gallery is proud to host a free/all ages event featuring Magpie String Band.  We suggest you come out to this event and treat your ears to a talented group of performers who use a mix of acoustic bluegrass, bluegrass fusion, gypsy new grass sounds that will bring you back to the “old time in the water Virginia!” era.  After visiting the gallery, if you do not currently have dinner plans this Saturday night, the Village at Leesburg has you covered depending on what your tastebuds feel like RSVP’ing to.
To share an experience in Eastern European and Appalachian folk music come hear them play in a lovely and intimate atmosphere. The Magpie String Band blends together music cultures to produce a unique sound which easily draws you in.
To hear their sound online go to: and be sure to ‘like’ them on Facebook.

December 21, 2013 2:00 – 4:00 pm Noteworthy, will be playing for us at the AITV Gallery, adding to a lovely holiday cheer. The trio has been playing together since 2012. Its members include cellist Claire Punturieri, first violinist Caleb Bates, and second violinist Kate Sandberg. All members study music privately at The Catoctin School of Music in Leesburg. Kate and Claire attend Loudoun County High School as sophomores, while Caleb attends Tuscarora High School as a freshman. Claire participates in the Loudoun County High School orchestra as well as the Loudoun Symphony Youth Orchestra. Caleb is a member of the Tuscarora High School Orchestra and International Youth Orchestra. Noteworthy performs many genres of music and is available for your next event! Contact for details.

December 20-21, 2013 7:00-9:00 pm Rebecca Kite, of Leesburg, VA, a talented performer, teacher, and author, will be inspiring us playing vibraphone at the gallery. “Exciting, majestic, inspiring!” describes Rebecca Kite’s talented performances. With more than 25 years of touring experience, she has performed in venues across the United States and in South America, Japan, and Europe. To contact her,
E-mail: Web:


December 2013

Creative Inspirations

Arts in the Village Gallery presents our new exhibit Creative Inspirations, a showcase of artwork by gallery artists that was inspired by a favorite person, place, thing or idea. Each artwork is accompanied by an explanation of it’s inspiration. As a result, this exhibit draws the viewer into the thought process behind each work of art and demonstrates how artistic inspiration can come from many things.

For the month of December, Arts in the Village Gallery is offering an irresistible holiday deal – Framed, ready to hang, 8×8 canvas reproductions of artwork created by our own gallery artists. These quality reproductions are the perfect size for gift giving. At only $35 each, you can consider purchasing a collections of them. So gift the gift of art this holiday season, but act soon to get your favorite pieces while supplies last.


November 2013

Reflections & Patterns – an exhibit by copper artist Anne Jordan and photographer Mary Louise Ravese

In November, Arts in the Village Gallery presents the Featured Artists exhibit Reflections & Patterns, a fusion of the artisanal copper pieces by metalsmith Anne Jordan with the contemplative “painterly” style of photography of Mary Louise Ravese in a fascinating medley of color, texture and imagery.

Anne Jordan’s inviting sculpted and hammered copper bowls, trays, mirrors, fountains, and other pieces reflect nature-inspired shapes and patterns. Pieces are textured and formed by hammering and brazing, and finished with delightfully subtle hues and patinas reflecting copper’s natural beauty.

With a keen eye for capturing the dramatic and beautiful, even ordinary objects and spaces take on an air of the remarkable through the lens of photographer Mary Louise Ravese.  Intriguing patterns and textures are revealed in her images of colorful landscapes, nature close-ups, and abstract reflections.  Each photograph is complemented with carefully chosen mats and frames that add another layer of interest and expression to the photography.


October 2013

Camera, Kiln & Canvas – an exhibit by ceramicist and painter Carol Clay-Ward and photographer Ken Sullins

During October Arts in the Village Gallery presents the Featured Artists exhibit: Camera, Kiln & Canvas highlighting the work of two award-winning artists – ceramicist and painter Carol Clay-Ward and photographer Ken Sullins, in a dramatic display of nature inspired imagery.

Carol Clay-Ward’s interest in paleontology, animals and the environment shine through in her diverse body of work ranging from intricate oil paintings to raku Cave Pots depicting scenes reminiscent of ancient cave drawings and adorned with fossils.  Luminescent metallic vessels commingle with horse-hair raku pendants and intimate mini canvases,  rounding out the artwork of this multi-talented Renaissance woman.

Photographer Ken Sullins takes viewers on a journey of both mind and heart with his photography.   Wild horses, open vistas, abandoned places, and dramatic landscapes, rendered both in vibrant color and black and white engage the viewer to step into a different place and time.  Ken prints all his own photography on paper or canvas which he stretches onto hand-built bars.


Arts in the Village 365!
Saturday, September 28, 2013

This September Arts in the Village Gallery marks its 1st anniversary with a month of special activities culminating in the Arts in the Village 365! reception on Saturday, September 28th from 5-9 pm. Meet the artists, enjoy the art exhibits, and enter the drawing for a chance to win a $100 gift card for the gallery. Music, party fare and refreshments round out the event.

This September join us all month long in celebrating our gallery’s 1st anniversary

For every $50 you spend with us, you’ll receive a unique handmade commemorative coaster created by the gallery’s artists as our gift to you. (limit 4 per checkout).

Also join in the month long Gift Card Giveaway.  Fill in a form at the gallery front desk to Enter to Win 1 of 3 Gallery Gift Cards. You need not be present to win.

  • 1st drawing – $50 gift card – Saturday September 7, during artists’ reception 5 – 8 pm
  • 2nd drawing – $50 gift card – Saturday September 21, end of the day
  • 3rd drawing – $100 gift card – Saturday September 28, during Arts in the Village 365! 5 – 9 pm



September 2013

Transience & Transformation – Featured Artists exhibit by painter and photographer Linda Burke and fiber artist Susan Trask.

In September, Arts in the Village Gallery presents “Transience & Transformation,” a synthesis of the moody, ethereal paintings and photographs by Linda Burke with the spirited scarves from fiber artist Susan Trask, capturing the beauty and art of growth and change.
Linda Burke’s use of light and shadow convey a sense of the dramatic in contrast to the quiet nature of the subjects she depicts.  Using a traditional pinhole camera or oil on canvas, Linda expresses her connection to western Loudoun County’s distinctive landscape and rich history.  The resulting work evokes a sense of timelessness, capturing a view of this ever-changing environment.

Fiber artist Susan Trask of Earth Wind and Fleece uses wet felting techniques to “laminate” layers of fiber and embellishments, creating pattern and texture in her wearable art.  Susan hand-dyes fiber and yarns produced from the alpacas she raises on a small farm in Lovettsville, Virginia.  Her scarves are a fusion of earthy texture and vibrant color: free-spirited, dramatic, and confident.


August 14 – 18, 2013

Daily Art Demonstrations and Wine Tastings at the Gallery

The Village at Leesburg will be hosting the 1st annual “Artful August” juried art show on August 14 – 18.  Once you’ve had the chance to take in the art show, Arts in the Village Gallery invites you to visit our gallery to experience art demonstrations by several of the gallery’s artists and enjoy wine tastings by a variety of local wineries.  Each day offers different opportunities to see art being made and talk with the artists.  Here is the schedule of activities during the “Artful August” show:

Wednesday August 14:

  •  Art Demonstrations:
    • Harriet Maloney, wood turning, 4 – 6:30 pm, in front of the gallery
    • Alice Mullen, painting 5 – 8 pm, inside the gallery
  • Wine Tastings by 8 Chains North 4:30 – 8 pm

Thursday August 15:

  • Art Demonstrations:
    • Amy Oliver (featured artist for August), wheel thrown pottery, 5:30 – 8 pm, in front of the gallery
    • Anne Jordan, hammered copper, 5:30 – 8 pm, inside the gallery
  • Wine Tastings by North Gate Vineyard 5:30 – 8 pm

Friday August 16:

  • Art demonstrations:
    • Dana Thompson, painting, 5:30 – 8 pm, inside the gallery
  • Wine Tastings by Lost Creek Winery 5:30 – 8 pm

Saturday August 17:

  • Art demonstrations:
    • Carol Clay-Ward, painting,  11:30 am – 3:30 pm, inside the gallery
    • Karen Oliver (featured artist for August), paper collage, 1:30 – 3:30 pm, inside the gallery
    • Amy Oliver (featured artist for August), wheel thrown pottery, 1:30 – 3:30 pm, in front of the gallery
  • Featured Artists’ Reception for Amy and Karen Oliver, 4 – 8 pm, meet the artists inside the gallery
  • Wine Tastings by Dry Mill Winery 12 – 8 pm

Sunday August 18:

  • Art demonstrations:
    • Karen Oliver (featured artist for August), paper collage, 12:30 – 5:30 pm, inside the gallery
    • Dana Thompson, painting, 1;30 – 5:30, inside the gallery
  • Wine Tastings by Fabbioli Cellars 12 – 6 pm


 August 2013

Family Dynamics – a Featured Artists exhibit by ceramicist Amy Oliver, and her mother, collage artist, Karen Oliver

This August Arts in the Village Gallery presents “Family Dynamics,” an interplay of artistic technique and design.   From the earthy vessels fashioned by ceramicist Amy Oliver to the impressionistic paper collages of her mother Karen Oliver, their relationship with each other and to their work demonstrates a lifetime of exploration and a shared creative passion.

Working with clay at the potter’s wheel, Amy Oliver shapes pieces that have not only a purpose but a “soul” that resonates with both the maker and the viewer.  Seeking to combine artistry with functionality, Amy often carves into the clay of her vases, plates and mugs to convey feelings, natural elements or stories, and renders the pieces in earthy hues and lively pattern.

Collage artist Karen Oliver carefully tears tiny pieces of paper which she then arranges to form painterly compositions.  She uses everything from exotic handmade papers to the common magazine to make her intricate, layered designs.  Influenced from an early age by a diversity of art, Karen has always enjoyed drawing and leverages her detail-oriented nature to create colorful tableaus and landscapes rich in texture and conveying the beauty of the ordinary.


Saturday July 27th, 2013 3 – 8 pm

Art in the Making Gallery Open House

Arts in the Village Gallery invites you to see art made before your eyes as our artists work on their creations live during Village at Leesburg’s annual Village Block Party. Artist demonstrations and art sales will take place both inside and outside the Gallery. During the open house, visitors can also meet some of the other gallery artists, see the Featured Artists’ exhibit, and enjoy wine tastings by Lost Creek Winery.

The following artists will work on their creations live, offering visitors insights into how their artwork is made:
Carol Clay-Ward (painting), Dana Jansen (silver wire-wrapped jewelry), Anne Jordan (hammered copper), Amy Oliver (wheel thrown pottery), Karen Oliver (paper collage), Dana Thompson (painting) and Susan Trask (alpaca wool felting).

In addition to our fine art offerings in the Gallery, we’ll also have beautiful art and gift items available outdoors in front of the Gallery and in our tent. Here you will find some fabulous finds under $100 including: small art works, scarves, mugs, matted prints, handmade cards and more. Many items are only available during this one day event!


July 2013

Old School, New Twist – a Featured Artists exhibit by photographer J. Riley Stewart and jewelry artist Dana Jansen

For the month of July, Arts in the Village Gallery presents “Old School, New Twist,” an exciting juxtaposition of nostalgic photographs created by J. Riley Stewart, with elaborate wire-wrapped fossil and mineral pendants created by Dana Jansen.

J. Riley Stewart’s landscapes, often punctuated with architectural ruins, agrarian tools, and other iconic images of rural America, are a romantic expression of man’s influence on nature’s vista.  Using “old school” methods like capturing images with a film-based 4×5 view camera combined with traditional film development in his darkroom, J. Riley personally renders each fine art print with inspiring results.

Jewelry artist Dana Jansen uses sterling silver and occasionally copper wire to encase mineral specimens, stones and fossils to produce one-of-a-kind artisanal pendants.  Intricate wrapping techniques yield unexpected patterns and designs that embrace the featured stone without the use of solder or glue.  Primarily self-taught and inspired by the beauty of nature, Dana’s uniquely beautiful wearable art is truly a new “twist” on traditional jewelry design.


June 8 – July 19, 2013

Lost Creek Winery hosts tasting room exhibit featuring artwork by Arts in the Village Gallery artists

For their Late Spring Art Show, Lost Creek Winery is partnering with Arts in the Village Gallery in Leesburg ( to present a special exhibit of artwork by Gallery artists in their winery tasting room. The exhibit includes over 30 works for sale in a variety of mediums including art glass, ceramics, collage, copper, painting, pastels, photography, wood and mixed media.


June 2013

Earth Spirits – a Featured Artists exhibit by abstract painter Saya Behnam and ceramics artist Melinda Croft

For the month of June, Arts in the Village Gallery presents this month’s Featured Artists exhibit:  “Earth Spirits,” a pairing of works by abstract painter Saya Benham  and ceramicist Melinda Croft.

Abstract painter Saya Benham’s intuitive painting approach delivers vibrant and whimsical pieces crafted with a range of materials and rendered on canvas and other substrates.

Ceramics artist Melinda Croft’s richly glazed or alternatively matte-finished vessels are inspired by natural organic forms and are simultaneously beautiful and functional.


May 2013

Forms and Textures – a Featured Artists exhibit pairing works by wood artisan Harriet Caffey Maloney and abstract painter Kay Layne

Arts in the Village Gallery presents “Forms and Textures,” a striking pairing of works by wood artisan Harriet Maloney and abstract painter Kay Layne.  The exhibit showcases eye catching pieces drawn from the warm colors and shapes of the earth.

Harriet Maloney’s expertly formed wooden bowls, vases, medallions and jewelry are created from local as well as exotic wood from Africa, Australia, Indonesia and South America.  She often allows the nature of the wood, its characteristics and flaws, to influence the design of the finished piece.  The exceptional color and striations  naturally occurring in the wood are enhanced and refined by Harriet’s hand resulting in lovely focal and functional pieces that warm and enhance the surrounding space.

Abstract painter Kay Layne creates textural color-field abstract paintings. Her use of contrasting geometric shapes and lines in a warm color palette are able to generate a simultaneous response of restraint and surrender. Inspired by her years spent in the wide-open and flat plains of the American Southwest, as well as her experience in the field of architecture, Kay simulates planar textured expanses, sparingly populated with dramatic shapes and lines open to interpretation from the unique vantage point of each observer.


Saturday, April 13, 2013

This Saturday is the perfect time to ditch the typical dinner date. Going on concurrently with April’s Featured Artist reception at Arts in the Village Gallery, come enjoy a unique opportunity to taste wines from local vineyards while strolling the Village at Leesburg shops with live music this Saturday, April 13, from 4 – 8 pm. There will be 18 participating wineries offering wine tastings at 18 different locations throughout the Village.  Register at the fountain to get a map of the participating locations. Not sure what to do with young ones while you are out and about? ATA Elite Martial Arts will be glad to watch over them. From 5 – 7pm ATA Elite Martial Arts is hosting a FREE Kid’s Club Pizza Party so you can further enjoy your experience at the Gallery Reception and Wine Walk. For more details please visit Village at Leesburg and be sure to RSVP at today.

Arts in the Village Gallery will be hosting Lost Creek Winery which will be selling wine by the glass, bottles of wine, as well as offering tastings of 4 of their wines for a nominal fee:

  • 2012 Vidal Blanc (JUST RELEASED!)
    Our 2012 Vidal Blanc is crafted from the French Hybrid grape. It is aged and fermented in stainless steel. Bright yellow-gold and dazzlingly clear, this wine expresses floral aromatics and flavors of exotic passion fruit and slightly caramelized honeysuckle.  It pairs well with white meats, especially poultry, and lighter fare.
  • Sweet Summer
    Sweet Summer is a blend of 75% grape  wine and 25% apple cider. This creates a sweet, refreshing patio wine to relax and enjoy. Makes a great white sangria also!
  • Rose
    Lost Creek Rose is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Chambourcin, Vidal and Chardonnay. Stainless steel fermented, it has cherry on the nose and palate. A great wine for picnics or as a hostess gift. Pairs well with everything and satisfies the red and white drinker.
  • 2011 Genesis (JUST RELEASED!  Blend = 47% Tannat, 43% Cabernet Franc, 10% Petit Verdot)
    We love Tannat’s unique flavor profile, and blended it with longtime Virginia favorite Cabernet Franc to achieve a slightly peppered aroma of stewed red berries and black currant.  This earthy, medium bodied blend has a chocolaty velvet essence supported by the firm tannin structure characteristic of Tannat, here bolstered by Petit Verdot.  Despite growing challenges in 2011, the Genesis comprises the best of what Virginia wines offer, with the signature Cabernet Franc, the recent distinctive success of Tannat, and the regional promise of Petit Verdot.  Sip this with strong, well-matured cheeses, grilled meats, and game; it also balances and complements slightly bitter vegetables (rapini, kale, etc.)

Arts in the Village Gallery Reception and the Village at Leesburg’s Wine Walk is a great way to get out of the house to enjoy the last few hours of your Saturday afternoon or evening, hope to see you there!


April 2013

Vibrant Geometry – an exhibit of paintings by Evelyn Lopez de Guzman and fused glass creations by David and Dale Barnes

Arts in the Village Gallery presents, “Vibrant Geometry”, an exhibit that showcases the use of color and geometric shapes in the distinctive styles of paintings by Evelyn Lopez de Guzman and fused glass creations by David and Dale Barnes.

The abstract painter Lopez de Guzman presents a series of large format acrylic paintings.  Her combined use of forms, textures and rich color becomes a vibrant force, a sensuous presence and an essence within themselves.  She strives to keep alive the surface of the canvas without losing its flatness.   Glass artists David and Dale Barnes artfully fuse  a mix of colored, textured and dichroic glass to create a variety of functional and decorative art pieces and jewelry. Their art glass designs include bold geometric patterns as well as nature inspired scenes. Together the artwork of this month’s Featured Artists’ Barnes and Lopez de Guzman are a delightful fusion of color and line interpreted in two distinct mediums.


March 2013

Dynamic Vision – an exhibit of photography and fused glass artwork by Amy Dyckovsky & Heather Mansfield

Arts In The Village Gallery presents “Dynamic Vision”, an exhibit of artwork by this month’s Featured Artists Amy Dyckovsky ( and Heather Mansfield ( Color, energy and movement are the inspiration for their photography and fused glass art pieces. For photographer Amy Dyckovsky, color, contrast and composition are just the starting points for her images of flora, fauna and other interesting “bits and pieces”. She uses her unique perspective of the world to create vibrant PhotoArt that she prints on aluminum, metallic paper, canvas and other non-traditional surfaces. Heather’s fused glass art ranges from practical to fanciful. Using diverse designs, she creates food-safe tableware, decorative bowls and tiles, as well as earrings and pendants. Most often her work reflects her love of wildlife and horses. Glass color, texture, subject and design combine to make Heather’s art come alive with light and movement.


February 2013

Art in the Making

Arts In The Village Gallery presents February’s Featured Artist Alice Mullen ( This exhibit showcases a variety of Alice’s paintings, primarily in oils. With a keen eye and an irreverent attitude, Alice’s work covers a wide and eclectic mix of subjects. With a saturated color palette her more serious figure studies are balanced by a playful exploration of animals and humor. Her still life and landscapes offer the viewer glimpses of an ordinary life, carefully considered. This special exhibit runs through February 27th.

See art made before your eyes as several of our artists work on their creations live during the event. Artists Saya Behnam, Carol Clay-Ward, Karen Oliver, Dana Thompson and February’s Featured Artist – Alice Mullen will each work on a piece of art, offering visitors insights into how their creations are made. During the open house, visitors can also meet some of the other gallery artists, see the Featured Artist exhibit and view the work of our three newest artists, Ann Jordan, Karen Hutchison and Jim Haller, who join the gallery starting this month.


January 2 – 30, 2013: Arts In The Village Gallery presents January’s featured artist Kevin Bednarz of Double Down Designs ( As featured artist Kevin will have additional artwork on display throughout the month.

Born & raised in upstate NY, Kevin has been drawing since he could hold a pencil. After winning numerous art accolades in high school, Kevin earned a degree in Graphic Design from Buffalo State College. He has been drawing and designing for well over 20 years and his work is in major publications, businesses and residences throughout the country. In 2011 he was named Northern Virginia’s Best Artist of 2011 in Northern Virginia Magazine’s Annual “Best Of” issue.

He paints using a variety of media, always bold and full of contrast. With inspiration from classic artists as well as urban styles, Kevin creates one of a kind pieces that range from fine art to pop culture graffiti.


Thursday, December 13th, 2013 7-8 PM:

River Bend Guitar Duo. This duo consists of two staff members from River Bend Middle School in Sterling: guitar teacher Adam Kossler and principal Ben Lacy. They will be playing classical duets for two guitars.

Friday, December 14th,2013  7 – 8:30 PM:

Rebecca Kite, vibraphone. Holiday music and light jazz.

Saturday, December 15th, 2013 7 – 8:30 PM:

Rebecca Kite, vibraphone. Holiday music and light jazz.
Sunday, December 16th, 2013 2-3 PM:

Sarengowa Maxwell, cellist from Mongolia, member of Loudoun Symphony will play solo cello music.

Friday, December 21st, 2013

5:00 – 6:00 PM: Andrew Tufano, sings and plays guitar.

6:30-8:30 PM: Guitarist Hart Wells, guitar teacher at Potomac Falls High School will play a variety of classical guitar compositions from various periods.

Saturday, December 22nd, 2013

2-3 PM: Cellist Sarengowa Maxwell returns with her cello.

4:30-5:30 PM: Guitarist Marco Sabatini will play classical guitar selections.

7 – 8:30 PM: Rebecca Kite, vibraphone. Holiday music and light jazz.

Sunday, December 23rd, 2-3 PM: Maya and Miroslav Lončar–daughter and father, will play duets on violin and guitar. Maya is a junior at Potomac Falls High School and Miroslav is guitar teacher at Park View High School.


Friday November 23, 2013

Bring the kids and stop by the Village Tree Lighting and decorate ornaments at our Gallery

Saturday November 24, 2013

Join us at the artists’ reception for the Gallery’s special exhibit RED


November 10- December 31, 2012


Arts In The Village Gallery presents a Special Exhibit: “RED”, featuring works by gallery artists including painting, photography, ceramics, art glass, wood and other mediums; thematically centered on the color red. Historically, the color red has been used in art to represent passion and strong emotions. Our artists have created work to evoke viewers experiences ranging from love to whimsy.


Monster Mash Saturday October 27, 2012

From 3PM to 7PM

Bands, music, candy for the kids etc

WE ( AITV ) will be dressed up, handing out candy and raffling off custom made craft pumpkins by our artists for charity ( art share )

Gallery will be open all day.


Grand Opening (Friday Sept. 21, 2012) , Saturday Ribbon Cutting and Artist’s Demo (Sept. 22, 2012):

Please see below photos from our grand opening, ribbon cutting and our artists demos on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


Saturday July 14 2012

Block Party

Saturday July 14th join us for a block party at The Villages at Leesburg.  Even though the gallery is not officially open, we will have our doors open to show you our new space and share with you the plans for the future gallery.  Although the block party runs from 3 – 8 pm, our member artists will be at the gallery starting in the morning.  You can meet some of our member artists, see the type of artwork that soon will be available for sale in the gallery and enjoy watching artist demonstrations. You can sign up for our mailing list during the event and pick up an application to join the gallery if you are a local artist.